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Reaching out when healthcare is out of reach

MORE Medical is the independent 24/7 medical assistance provider worldwide. Every day we make sure you have access to the best medical care to guarantee the health and well-being of your employees, wherever they are.

Our 24/7 Topside Medical Support service connects the Medical Responsible person on-board or on a remote site directly with our Emergency Response Physicians. This way our Topside Medical Support team can help the patient, with a medical emergency, medical advice, or a routine medical issue. 

With our extensive experience in remote healthcare, we are able to improve the well-being of those who work in remote environments by helping our clients to deliver the Duty of Care to their employees.

Our service will be tailored according to the environments where the crew will be working in. 




Topside Medical Support refers to the provision of medical care and services to crew members and passengers on board a vessel, typically a large ship or boat, or another remote site. In this case, the medical care is provided by Emergency Response Physicians who are working from ashore, rather than being stationed on the vessel itself.


This type of medical support is important for ensuring the health and wellbeing of those on board the vessel, and can be especially crucial in emergency situations or when a vessel is far from shore and unable to easily access medical facilities. The doctors working from ashore can provide medical advice and guidance to the medical professionals on board the vessel, and can coordinate with shore-based medical facilities if necessary.


The specifics of Topside Medical Support will vary depending on the size and type of vessel, as well as the length of the voyage. For example, a small boat or yacht may only have one or two medical professionals on board, while a large cruise ship may have a fully-equipped medical center with several medical staff members.


In addition to providing medical care, Topside Medical Support teams may also be responsible for monitoring the health of crew members and passengers, providing advice, and coordinating with shore-based medical facilities if necessary. They may also be responsible for maintaining medical records and ensuring that the vessel is compliant with relevant health and safety regulations.


Overall, Topside Medical Support is an important aspect of ensuring the health and wellbeing of those on board a vessel, and helps to ensure that crew members and passengers have access to medical care in case of an emergency or illness, even when the doctors are working from ashore.

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