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With our Topside Medical Support expertise and guidance, onboard medical staff can provide prompt and effective care, helping to ensure a safe and enjoyable cruise experience for all.

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Topside Medical Support is an essential aspect of the cruise industry that ensures the safety and well-being of passengers and crew members. Our Emergency Response Physicians provide remote on-call emergency response services to handle any medical emergencies that may arise during a cruise journey.

Cruise lines have always taken the health and safety of their guests seriously, and the presence of trained medical staff on board is crucial to maintain the highest standards of healthcare. However, the vastness of the open sea and the distance from shore can create challenges in accessing medical care quickly in the event of an emergency.

To address this challenge, cruise lines make use of Topside Medical Support, also known as remote medical advice, carried out by ERP's who can provide medical assistance and advice remotely. Our physicians are highly qualified and experienced medical professionals, specializing in fields such as emergency medicine or critical care.

Topside Medical Support is available around the clock, providing a constant presence of medical expertise to deal with any medical emergencies that may arise. Our ERP's are able to provide consultations via phone or video, assess the situation, and provide guidance to onboard medical staff. In cases where necessary, they can also provide medical evacuation advice, liaising with coastguards or other emergency services.

Cruise lines typically have their own medical facilities on board, staffed by registered nurses and paramedics. However, in the event of a more serious medical emergency or if additional medical expertise is required, Topside Medical Support can provide an additional layer of assistance to the onboard medical team.

In addition to responding to medical emergencies, Topside Medical Support also plays a vital role in providing preventive healthcare. They can advise the ship's crew on how to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and ensure the ship is equipped with appropriate medical supplies and equipment.


Overall, Topside Medical Support is a critical component of the cruise industry, ensuring the safety and well-being of all passengers and crew members. With their expertise and remote on-call emergency response services, they are an essential part of any cruise journey.

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Medical services in the cruise industry are not only essential for ensuring the safety and well-being of passengers and crew members, but they also provide peace of mind for those on board. Knowing that there are qualified medical professionals and support systems in place can make all the difference in creating a safe and enjoyable travel experience for all.

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