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remote medical tablet

Mesi mTablet
Mesi mTablet


The Remote Medical Tablet is a modular remote diagnostic tool that helps shipping, oil & gas and offshore companies to take care of their crew by combining diagnostic measurements, patient records and clinical support tools in one modular and user-friendly system.

All measurement reports and patient data are automatically and securely stored in the patient record. The information can be reviewed by a medical professional on any device through the patient's information system. Performance and functionality can be enhanced by adding modules and applications to the remote medical tablet.

Communication between the offshore medic, nurse, and  Emergency Response Physician is crucial for the patient’s outcome. With the device, all stakeholders access healthcare information in the same format. This prevents misunderstandings in communication and inconsistencies in reporting, thereby reducing time spent on diagnosis and treatment.


The Remote Medical Tablet provides predictive medical assessment with a wide selection of hardware modules, software extensions and different integration options.

Blood Pressure Module

Advanced analysis options with pulse waveforms.

SPO2 Module

High performance, even with low perfusions.

12-Lead ECG Module

Sharing results for an immediate second opinion.

Spirometry Module

Real-time display of current air temperature, humidity and pressure.


Remote Medical Tablet

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