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Many different acute medical incidents can occur at sea or in other remote locations because these are usually demanding environments. Often, no medical professionals are available, nor is there physical access to qualified medical care. Our Topside Medical Support team has a very extensive experience in providing care for medical emergencies. Partly because of this experience and knowledge, access is given to specialistic, scientifically, substantiated, remote medical advice that is available 24/7, around the globe. For patient safety, Duty of Care and best medical outcomes, our Emergency Response Physicians are responsible for the medical care, no matter how remote the location may be. MORE Medical strives to deliver the full support backed by a leading international hospital with outstanding specialists.

Topside Medical Support

24/7 Lifeline

With our Topside Medical Support plan, there will be direct access to specialistic, remote medical advice and support. Advice and ongoing treatment of the patient is ensured. 

Topside Medical Support


After-care is the post-incident care and treatment provided to the patient after the incident. The consulting physician is in contact and has all case data available for follow-up.

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