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topside medical support on the rise

In the wake of COVID-19, the maritime, offshore and remote markets have had to adjust the way they operate. There is no more evident than in healthcare, where First Aid Physicians and other specialists have turned to emerging technology solutions in order to keep up with the growing demand of telemedical services, and of course to keep patients safe. 

The rapid adoption of telemedicine or Topside Medical Support has greatly helped to expand access to healthcare at a time when traditional in-person visits had to be avoided due to the significant increased risk to patients, healthcare providers an other communities. 

Using telemedicine solutions, a greater number of seafarers can seek medical advice. At MORE Medical we believe remote care should be made standard of care, and that the telemedicine benefits we see today will be at the center of reimagining what healthcare will be tomorrow. With these advances, it’s not hard to imagine a future where remote management of chronic conditions is routine with convenient check-ins from the comfort of the patient’s workplace, and population health for future healthcare issues is boosted by analytics and the full spectrum of data captured from the workplace to the clinic.

about topside medical support

At MORE Medical we like to keep things simple, this also applies to our pricing structure. 

Topside Support

Topside medical advice

We understand that when it comes to remote operations, connectivity can sometimes be limited. Basic connectivity such as telephone and e-mail are the most important channels of communication. If desired we can also work with other telemedical devices and equipment.

Cheap Remote Medical Advice

best market pricing

With our transparent subscription model, you can avoid the unpredictable costs associated with on-demand medical services. Our fair pricing ensures that you receive unlimited medical calls without breaking the bank.

Topside Subscription

subscription based

We offer our clients a yearly subscription model that allows you to access our 24/7 Topside Medical Support services.

Our subscription model is designed to give you peace of mind, knowing that you have access to reliable and prompt medical assistance whenever you need it.

Medical Live Dashboard Topside

medical dashboard

By using our real-time medical dashboard, our clients can identify patterns and trends in their patient demographics, which can help them develop more effective healthcare strategies and interventions.


Our Real-Time Medical Dashboard has the potential to improve patient outcomes, increase efficiency, and save lives. It allows medical professionals to respond quickly to changing circumstances and make informed decisions based on the latest information. By providing a centralized source of real-time data, this dashboard can help to improve the quality of care and reduce medical errors.

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