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Working in challenging industries and remote sites can be quite demanding, purely because the work can be heavy, but also because the necessary care can be far away in case of an emergency.

Over the years we have helped many clients in several different markets worldwide by improving the healthcare on board or specific remote site. By doing so we have helped to reduce health related costs.


Our expertise within 24/7 Topside Medical Support in the form of radio medical advice has assisted our clients reducing their Lost Time Injures.


Our 24/7 Topside Medical Support services are backed by an leading international hospital in The Netherlands. Our team of medical specialists have extensive experience on the provision of adequate on-call first aid and specialistic healthcare for all seafarers who are injured or ill. Our team offer specialist medical advice and support to assist treatment protocols, treatment of patients, co-ordination of medical emergencies and, where necessary, manage evacuations for further medical treatment.

Commercial Shipping

We are set to provide the Commercial Shipping Industry to minimise the amount of deviations and repatriations. Often times, no medical professionals are available, nor is there physical access to qualified medical care. Seafarers rely on what is available within the medical outfitting on board. Our on-call Emergency Response Physicians are able to provide at a distance, whereby access is given to specialist, substantiated, remote medical advice available 24/7. 



Topside Medical Support plays a critical role in ensuring the safety and health of offshore workers. Given the remote and often hazardous working conditions of the offshore industry, the availability of on-call emergency response physicians provides an additional layer of medical expertise to handle any medical emergencies that may arise. With their prompt and effective guidance, onsite medical staff can provide the necessary care to ensure the best possible outcome for workers.


Oil and Gas

We are providing a back-up Topside Medical Support service to several Oil and Gas majors. Therefore, we are able to provide the rig medic with all the necessary back-up. Through this way we will look afther the health, and welfare of the energy and mining workings present at some of the worlds most hostile and remote environments. 



Topside Medical Support is a vital service for the cruise industry, ensuring the health and safety of passengers and crew members while at sea. With the presence of highly trained and experienced remote on-call emergency response physicians, cruise lines can provide prompt and effective medical assistance in the event of a medical emergency.



We provide, day in day out clinical counsel to  private yachts, from the world's forerunner in this field, taking care on those inviduals consistently. Our clients will have access to, proof based clinical guidance during an emergency. All calls are picked-up by our senior team of First Aid Physicians direclty allied to an renowed hospital in The Netherlands.


Remote Locations

Our Medical Team covers the provision of comprehensive medical advice and case management to make sure that our clients can meet their Duty of Care. At remote sites there might be no medical treatment possible. The complete remote crew is depending on the Medic or Medical Responsible person at site. Therefore, Topside Medical Support comes in to cover and help with complex medical decision making. 

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